Hurricane and medical centres!… Day 4

Managed, just, to wake up in time to get breakfast, the weather looking good then an hour later it changed dramatically, just like a hurricane, strong winds, flying sand, people running from the beach, jokingly talked about a tsunami and how this island would be totally swallowed up, then turned news on, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, shit now watching the sea line rising, thought of an emergency plan, run for the highest point, the restaurant roof.

Anyway it wasn’t a hurricane, just strong winds. It dyed down, went to lunch. And of cause no holiday would be complete without a trip to the medical centre. I am currently deaf in my left ear since snorkelling yesterday. I thought it’s trapped water but apparently the water has moved wax blocking the ear canal. So I have ear drops to soften it and back on Sunday for a wash out, nice.

The afternoon was more like it, treatment number one, Swedish massage. Started with walking up the bed, over my body. My face was down looking though a glass floor watching the sea, now that’s a bit of me. It was a real push, prod, pull and slap massage, attacking every muscle in my body. Whilst I was trying to gather myself back in the reception area over a ginger tea another couple were parked at the same table, they started chatting about all the treatment they had had, have you try this, have you tried that, we are here for two weeks and we have ten treatments. I tried to ignore them in my unsociable way, but trying not to be to rude. Then the subject of the water bungalows came up and how we were thinking of upgrading for the last three nights to one, oh come and see ours they said, oh no I don’t want to impose, oh no please then you can decide whether it’s worth spending the extra money. So we did, they are great, big, private and luxurious. We stayed for a chat and I found out that actually they are very nice people, just like me really don’t like people or children on holidays. They have stressful jobs so have two weeks a year of pure heaven. Sounds good to me. So for the first time I think on holiday, we made a friend, but don’t worry I did warn them that I would probably ignore them for the rest of the holiday.

After are friend making we went on the hunt for wifi and found it up at the top reception. Did a few emails, bit of twittering, so there still is a world outside there then.





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