First full day in paradise….. Day 3

Because we were so knackered and the bed was so comfortable, which makes a change, because so often when you are away the beds are horrid, either two singles pushed together so you spend your time falling down the gap, or they are too soft, this is just like goldilocks, just right. So we slept till mid morning, missing breakfast, but never mind must have needed the sleep. So went on the hunt for some food and walked around to the other side of the island and found heaven, an infinity pool over looking the sea and best of all no children allowed. So ordered a sandwich, then went for a snorkel and saw all sorts of beautiful fish including dory fishes and baby sharks. I don’t think they are babies they are just small sharks.

After lunch went and did the most important job of booking spa treatments, best part for me that is. More sleep in the sun, walked around the island, which took about 45 minutes watching the sunset, then more eating and drinking, finishing with staggering back to the hut. What a day, but someone has to do it.









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