Pinch Me….. Day 2


Dozed on the plane bed, breakfast, then landed in Male. The heat hits you as soon off you come off the plane. Funny little man points to cafe to wait for a man that will come over to tell you to get onto boat.


We waited about an hour, watching more and more people going to their little island, but we were still sat there, thinking have they forgotten us, have we missed it, will we ever get there. Well the sure thing to get someone to come is to go to the toilet. As soon as I went to the loo, I came out everyone was waiting for me, with looks on their faces come on we have been waiting for you.

Got on the boat and it was posher than I was expecting after some of the rickety things I had seen. I was disappointed that we were not sitting outside, but as soon as it was on the off, I realised why, it was real fast, they were right it was a speed boat, it was fast, and my god it stank of diesel. Almost over intoxicating to the point as the journey went on, because I was sat at the back I could see the heads gradually start dropping down as the bouncing and rocking sent everyone to sleep. Me, I wanted to stay awake and luckily because I slept on the plane I was not feeling to bad. I wanted to take it all in and not miss drawing up near to my island paradise. And there it was the first glimps of the island and it looked every thing it says on the can, beautiful.


We dock, and there are people waiting to greet us. We are lead to a reception area were we are welcomed with a cold flannel and a fruit cocktail, the form filling then allocated our jacuzzi bungalow. A man asked us which were our suitcases, he ordered an other man to take us to our room, it reminded me of fawlty towers with manwell, room 639, then even slower 6. 3. 9. Oh as he nods his head, he got it then. As he takes us up the beach to our room he is trying to say what things are but I didn’t understand a word and just nod politely because bless him he is trying. Here we were our new home for the next week, it is stunning, four poster bed, with a welcome heart and flowers, welcome fruit, compulsory outside loo with lizards, a garden with a sun lounge area with a lovely cold jacuzzi. It’s perfect. With a view though the palm trees to the beach.



Right kit off, cosie on, beach here I come. My first taste of the heat on my body, ah I have arrived. The water is just the right temperature because I am fussy about cold water but this is just right. Went and had some lunch, the restaurant looked beautiful, it’s own water fall in the middle of the room, food everywhere, eat all you want, great where are my expandable trousers. Spent the afternoon doing the three S’s, sunning, swimming and sleeping, then again more eating, cocktails after a real needed long sleep.





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