When I get to the airport…. Day 1

Well here I am on the train to gatwick. Sitting first class, eating steak, lager, nice. Have found out the secret destination, after a game of yes, no questions and of cause where else would have it be but the Maldives. Perfect! The train ride went so fast it flew by, helped by alcohol I think.


Had to change trains, bye bye first class. Loos are interesting on riff raff train, lady had to move the longest bike I have ever seen so I could limbo under it, to get to the loo. Everyone looks at you knowing what you are going to do! We are sitting in what they class but it smells of shit!

Got to Gatwick, checked in and off to business class lounge, haven’t seen any famous people yet, thought I might. All these people must buy Apple products because everyone around me are on a piece of fruit! There is everything you need here from food to a help yourself bar, well except a private tunnel to take to your plane. And you don’t do bad if your flight is delayed here, you won’t starve. In fact you almost want your plane to be late just so you can get your moneys worth!


After pealing me away from the lounge, onto the plane, find my pod, it’s not just a seat, it goes into a bed. Handy for when you are travelling over night. So after my hot flannel, champagne, eating on china plates with a proper knife and fork, I settle down for a sleep.


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