Follow Fridays

I read something on someone’s blog that it is a nice idea to mention your follow Fridays on your blog. I think this is a good idea, so I am giving it a go. I think it is more personal and you can say more about them. I also think it is far too easy just to hit the username and stick hundreds of them on your list without due care and attention, I know I have done this myself. But I want to put more thought into it and recognise the people who I have come to meet and have taken the time chat. I asked someone the other day who has and is following thousands of people how they keep up with them all, they said that people are not all on-line at the same time, but surely, and I find this with just the few hundred that I follow and the ones that follow me, I don’t have the time to chat with everyone. And this weekend is a prime example of this. On Sunday my followers increased by over a hundred because of the #duncansdreams, which is great but are people just following for the sake of following? I like to take a moment to look at their bio and read their last tweets, look at their blogs, before I follow someone, quality rather than quantity. Anyway I’m not sure what you think, I would be interested to know.

The main reason I have chosen these lovely people this week because I have had great chats with them, so here are this week’s special people who I would like you to follow….


My top five of the week


Even though this gentleman is a new follower for me this week, already I have chatted with him. I think he has a great sense of humour, a dry wit, and his blog is very interesting to read. I find it hard to concentrate on some people’s blogs, I’m not a great reader, but his kept my attention.


Now this gentleman does not need much promoting as he already has thousands of followers, but I would like to considering he seems a very busy person, he does take the time to answer you and chat. I think he is very knowledgeable in the workings of the cyber world, and comes across as an alright kind of guy.


I enjoy reading this lady’s tweeters and she has a fabulous blog. She is a mother of a young little girl and I enjoy hearing about her daily trials and tribulation, it takes me back to the time I had little ones and makes me glad I don’t have to be doing that again. She always chats back with you and seems generally a nice and funny person.


Now this gent is very funny, says random stuff sometimes but on the whole he seems a good guy. He again always chats with you, has interesting tweets and always seems upbeat, I sometimes don’t understand what he is talking about but that’s the appeal I think. Oh and he has nice views in his garden.


Now this lady is just an all round love. She is from Holland and has a cute dog called Bobbie. You are guaranteed that this lovely will always chat with you and she will always answer you if you tweet something, I think she likes chatting with lots of different people.

The thing is there are loads of lovelies I wanted to put on this week, but I did limit myself, otherwise it not about quality. I’m sorry if you are not on this week, maybe you will be next week. Now if I was clever enough and knew how to do it I would have put a link to these peoples twitter so you could follow them instantly, but I don’t know how to do that, maybe someone could help me with that!!

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