The Sentence Began… Part Two

First day had arrived and after travelling seven hours with large full red trunk in tow, we finally arrived and drove up the gravel driveway. The only way I can describe it is something out of ‘Sense and Sensibility’. Bearing in mind I was looking at this through the eyes of an eleven year old everything looked enormous, the building was majestic, an original Rothschild mansion. The main entrance was over towered by two stone pillars which looked like they were guarding the wooden doors and what was beyond. I was in ore and feeling apprehensive to even getting out of the car. There was what seemed like, hundreds of cars with little wide eyed faces peering out of their car windows, being guided were to park, I had arrived. Were to go now? Walking between the stone guards we went up the staircase and into the lobby area which was floor to ceiling covered in photos of people past, royalty, cups and certificates. Gave them my name and was pointed towards a door. When I walked through the door what I saw to me was just this mystical place, a grand stairway going up, doors, pillars, marble floor, and a huge glass window which the height of the hall looking into a room which was the first dance studio I saw, but this studio was no ordinary dance studio that I had seen before. It was panelled with oak, had gargoyles glaring down at you, two fire places that you could stand in, barres, mirrors, and a grand piano situated in the large bay windows. We were told to put my trunk in the ballet room, which was one of the doors off the hallway. Yet another studio, this one was decorated in pale blue, again had a fire place, barres, mirrors and another grand piano. The room was jammed with trunks all sizes and colours, in joined my red one. What next? We wondered around aimlessly taking in the surroundings found two more studios off the main hallway. One a red room which looked out to the back gardens, where there was tennis courts. A room, which was a ballroom, the grandest room yet. It had a fireplace that had two marble angels either side hovering, glaring over you. The scent of the whole place was dust. There were many clusters of parents with their offspring all doing the same as us, wondering around not quite know what was going to happen next. Then it was indicated that the parents had to leave their blossoms. Now as far as I can remember I could not wait for my parents to leave, not even watching them go it was kind of a ‘ya right then bye’, then they were gone. I wish in hindsight that I had savoured their leaving because this was the last time I was to see them or speak to them for seven weeks. A bit like the doors in ‘porridge’, bang our sentence began.


2 thoughts on “The Sentence Began… Part Two

  1. Well from references to Jane Austen to witty observations( in a contemporary way), you do have a wide repartoire and you can obviously write. I notice you have a nose for the quirky and the nostalgic and can describe what most would not ‘see’ (a certain sign of a creative mind).

    Less content, terse, and doesn’t go rambling like so many blogs that I stumble upon.It held my attention.

    A good mix of observation and thoughts.Reflects your introspective (and kind) nature.

    Thank you for mentioning me in your favorite 5’s!

    Thoughts of a lovely lady, living her life in a quietly exciting way . Oh! btw, I must use your expression ‘two teenage aliens’ in your bio. I guess I have a couple of those too.

    keep blogging.Keep sharing.

  2. Thanks Tim for these kind words. My intention of my blog is to be a good read to who ever stumbles across it! I am of the same opinion as you that there are a lot of blogs out there that ramble on about all sorts, which suits some people, but I am selective about what I read and I have not got much time or much of a concentration level, so I need to be gripped straight away. I have many experiances to write about, I have had a flowery past, and I am in the process of continuing writing my school experiance, as I hope you will enjoy them just as much.

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