Just me!

Still looking like a sad cat lady, aren’t I! I do have a life and from tomorrow it is all going to kick in again. so probably won’t be blogging so much and I am still trying to work out why the time of the blogs are wrong, any ideas?

Well I wrote the above a week ago and oh yes I was right my life, well let’s start my work life has kicked in again. Started with a non pupil day on Monday which means sitting in meetings, then training when all you want to do is get in the classrooms and get them ready for the kids. There are many changes going on in our school at the moment, which translate as already in the first week back teachers are feeling overwhelmed with the paper pushing they need to do. It was also an interesting start to our term because, as teachers we are always getting children running up to us in the corridor talking to us and telling us about things they have done and new things they have, well this particular child who has a vivid imagination and who is always wanting your attention ran up to me on the first day back saying ” miss, miss, I have got a hand grenede at home shall I bring it into show you?” Well me being in a hurry and not really listening to what he was saying because I was rushing to my next class, replied ” yes, yes that would be lovely”. The next day when arriving at school, a little bit late, was this child running up to me again, ” miss, miss, here is my hand grenede” and he presented in my hands the grenede. Well I looked down and thought’ shit, this is real and the pin is still in!’, in a very calm voice I ask him where did he get it from and he said he found it. The headteacher at that point walked around the corner and I carefully raised up my hands and with a fake smile said “look what Freddies’ (yes that’s not their real name) brought in”, at that the head started rushing around the school telling everyone to evacuate. With closer inspection of the grenede in my sweaty palms, I worked out that the pin was in fact a keyring holder.

I think what I have realised over this week, as I dabble into the syber work of Twitter and blogging, that when I am working, not much else is going on in my life. I find it difficult to find something interesting to write about that’s not connected to work. So I am going to need to get creative. Spent some time this morning looking though other people blogs, I didn’t realise there were so many people sharing their thoughts with the world, it’s endless isn’t it! You could spend hours reading it all, well I suppose some people do.


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