Lifes a beach!

(Trying this out from my emails on my phone. So I can up date quicker. Cos if it is not easy and quick I won’t do it. Especially from next week when I’m back to work.)

Looking at the pictures I have posted already, does makes me look like a sad old cat lady. I can reassure you I am not. I work full time, am married and have children, so far from lonely. But Razzel the cat is a large, (in more than one way) character, and I feel his active and hectic lifestyle should be documented to all, so he can inspire you in leading a full life!

Here we have another inspiring picture of one of his favourite places to workout. Often his determination to motivate you to join in his vigorous training routine, he will break out into his lunges while you are in the couch potato mode, to put you at shame of your lazy life style. Thus forcing you to get up and moving.

Another one of his most used expert military training technique is to, in the evening, when we are at are least trenchant, anytime he sees us just settling down into a comfortable idle position, what us untrained people call ‘getting settled’, he engages into the martial art of ‘want to be let outside, then I want to come back in again, want to go outside then, back in again’. this aerobic exercise can last a whole ’24’ or ‘Lost’ episode, which is intended to raise the heart rate and keep it raised for an optimum time, which burns the most calories…. clever!


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